Certified Sapphire-Blading Training Course

How to Become an Expert to draw Extremely Fine Natural Hairs on Eyebrows with the natural white Sapphire and the "Sapphire-Blading Method"? | taught by Liane Zabel


The Sapphire-Blading Training Course

This is the Sapphire-Blading course you've been looking for! This course will teach you how you use the Sapphire-Blading Tool, how you can draw fine natural hairlines with this tool and how you can amaze your customers with the new and impressive method of drawing eyebrows.

We've gathered all the knowledge in the handling of Sapphire-Blading method and put it in one place so that you can become a master of a Sapphire-Blading artist.

We know everyone is different, that's why this course was created. To make them a Sapphire-Blading expert. Here are a few examples of the benefits from this course if you're interested:

- This Sapphire-Blading Online Training Course has 6 lessons. You can use the lessons in your order, your own time and when you register so long you need it!

We are offering downloadable PDF summaries they you can use for yourself later again. During the lessons you will find a lot information on video for easier learning. 

This training course is right for you if;

  • You are a permanent makeup artist who loves to do microblading
  • You are more than ready to get your own business on a new track!
  • You would love to raise your prices but you're afraid of losing clients without increase in quality !
  • You believe microblading is more than just "offer microblading service" ...it's an expression of your soul's divine purposes!
  • You want to work with the Sapphire-Blading-Tool.  How you can order this tool?   We have a shop available where you can order the Sapphire-Blading-Tool. The shop is password protected and immediately after you paid for the online training course we are going to send you the link to the shop together with your login information because we want to be sure that nobody can order the tool without a training. The Sapphire-Blading-Tool price is: EURO 1,600.00

Liane Zabel
Liane Zabel
Permanent Makeup Artist, Medical Cosmetician, Plasma Cosmetic Specialist & Juchheim Effect Cosmetics Independent Consultant

Liane Zabel, a German cosmetic artist and PMU specialist, skillfully blends feminine intuition with artistic talent always on the search for perfection and to reach the best practical customer service. She loves helping other, works as a trainer, allowing people to experience this profession, supporting them, delving deeper into the permanent makeup art, creating long-lasting experiences, this is her true happiness.

Her life motto is:  "You can do and reach everything! Never give up, believe in you and your success, learn whenever you get the chance, and don't forget to live!"


Send me an email to; liane@permanent-artist.com